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Helpful Resources for Understanding Bits of Lambda Calculus, Functional Programming, Types and Monads

A cheat sheet for Set Theory. A basic understanding of Set Theory and its jargons (domains, ranges, functions) will be handy while reading most programming language theory-ish articles. Just understand Set Theory, Type Theory and the likes are just different ways of defining the same mathematical phenomenons.

The Turing Machine - Alan’s original paper explained for mortals

Algebraic data types (touches on recursive types)

An excellent resource for diving into Haskell. Abstracts away most math theory behind Haskell but you’ll get a hang of the language. Start with recursion, just for the fun of it!

Don’t let the title mislead you. I had an Aha moment on Lambda Calculus itself reading mid-way.

YCombinator - decrypted for mortals.

The science of functional programming (Haven’t finished reading yet, but looks very approachable)

Lambda Calculus

Harvard CS121 Book for Theory of Computation - with math background explained.