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Your Pay Scale Has No Obligation to Grow With Your Skillset

I have close to 10 years of experience in the software industry and I guess I’m eligible enough to make this conclusion: Your pay scale has no obligation to grow, as you grow your skillset or professionalism.

Your payscale is heavily dependent on what corner of the business your role is playing a part. A Manager can make big and small decisions all day and still earn a lot more than a support staff working 60 hours every week to ensure customer happiness.

You could be the best Rust programmer in the company, but someone who’s able to do tiny tweaks to Salesforce to increase sales efficiency of the organization, tends to get paid a lot more than a heavily-skilled Rust developer in the company.

These are just random examples. The point is, if you want your career rewards to increase while you grow your skills, make sure you position yourself in roles that actually make an impact in the organization.

I wish someone had taught me this early in my career.